Test your JavaScript skills for a month. You will learn something!


The course helps strengthen your skills with the new features available in JavaScript (ES6 or ECMAScript 2015 and beyond) as well as with the good old features in the span of 30 challenges (one per day if you can).

Learn how JavaScript works today.


The course is about learning the new features available in JavaScript (it has been available for quite a while) from ES6 and more.


The course can be purchased from www.es6.io.

You just need a good Visual Studio Code or your favorite code editor.


The course…

​Voir l’épisode #180 de la chaîne Archipelle dont ce qui suit est ma prise de note.

​​Cet “Earthship” a été construit par l’entreprise Earthship Biotecture. Il s’agit donc d’un Earthship officiel.

Comment en arrive-t-on à vouloir un Earthship

C’est un mode de vie.

Les Earthships peuvent se trouver dans un endroit où il fait froid l’hiver, mais…

Jérémie Litzler

I am a software engineer, but not just that: I thrive to improve life around me through observation and awareness about my impact in my environment.

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